ippbx3dB Smart IP-PABX is a new generation of PABX that uses VoIP Technologies combined with robust and reliable hardware with expandable hardware for greater features capability.

Since it is an IP based PABX, it means all your calls and extensions can be managed via Internet Protocol and communicate between internal networks.

Also our IP-PABX can be implemented easily with wide-brands of interface cards and can be integrated with the existing system seamlessly.

How is the different of 3dB Smart IP-PABX from other IP-PABX? Of course, we can provide an easy way with enriched features of extension management via web interface and you may purchase other hardware interfaces in order to expand the system without having to purchase the expensive extension like others.

All in all, with 3dB Smart IP-PABX, a cost-effective IP-PABX can make your ROI faster than you can imagine.

view 3dB SMART IP-PABX Brochure (PDF)