Appointment System

All appointment with your existing customers, prospect customers or targets customers made easy with the SMART Appointment System.This tool will help Sales and Marketing team to boost up the sales revenues with the effective appointments solutions by automatic callout to customer’s mobile phone and the confirmation can be made from customers themselves.

So, this solution can help the support team to prepare the resources or the needed services for customer. So, this tool can help sales team to follow up their customers easily. Moreover, with the database compatibility function this tool can be interfaced with the standard well-known database system such as Oracle, MS-SQL server etc. or running the internal database by exporting data from customer’s database as a text files and import into our database for sending out the appointment requested calls.


  • Database Integration such as mobile phone number Store / Retrieve
  • Easy for scheduling and management
  • Outbound calling automatically support
  • Cost saving for outbound calling to make an appointment.
  • Boost up sales performance with your prospect customer.