Right now you can make a conference call with ease also SMART Conferencing allows you to join the conference via Common Telephone (PSTN), VoIP Clients (SIP) and Mobile phone from everywhere. With the enhanced functions on conference room reservation and authentication.

With user-friendly of its functions enabled to allow your team make the productive meeting and conferencing anytime. Moreover, the enriched functions on voice recording function will allow the meeting administrator or secreerate the meeting minute easily. So, this conferencing system will be the next getary generation tool for brainstorming of your team.


  • Saving for transportation/hotel cost for the meeting or conferencing
  • Easy to manage the room for teleconferencing
  • Easy to control the security and password for each meeting or conferencing session.
  • Support for recording function add-on for each meeting or conferencing session.
  • Easy to control and manage parties for each meeting and conferencing session