Many road warriors are struggled with their networking tasks by ordinary VPN which must be used with their laptop and applications for e-mail checking.

Not long ago SSL-VPN could help the users connect their private network by browse on SSL-VPN Server, however many company have to pay a lot to buy SSL-VPN Appliance. SMART SSL-VPN unbound the limitation not only the cost problem but it come with the enriched VPN features to support the out of office and mobile working style Such as Sales, Marketing, Senior Management, Traveling or abroad users. so this solution will prepare the available connections for all working people anywhere and anytime.


  • Easy to manage the trust connection over internet
  • Traveling staff can connect from anywhere that internet available
  • Active Directory (AD) connectivity and authentication supported
  • File management and control made easy over internet
  • Cost effective but come with many features for supporting every user work from everywhere.