3dB Systems Co., Ltd. (3dB) established on August 16, 2001. Our team members are the engineering team of Computer, Information Technology, Telecommunication and Electrical. With all our experienced, we are an expertise team that can provide you for your computer, information technology, telecommunication, Power and Energy solutions.

Telecommunication Telecommunication

With our strong telecommunication engineering team, we can provide the world class telecom network design, implementation, support and test for wired and wireless architecture such as Optical Fiber, 3G, 4G, Voice, VoIP, LAN, MAN, WAN, WiFi, WiMAX, SCADA, MUX, DWDM, Optical Fiber including site preparation, project commissioning and training  to ensure that our customer will get the best performance from our design.

Information Technology Information Technology
We are information technology system integrator who specialist in software development for multiple platform such as web, win, mobile based for Special Front-End/POS, Business Intelligence, Operation Intelligence, Big Data, ERP developement and implementation. We also provide IT infrastructure implementation (network, security, cloud) for our customers who would like to fully integrate both system together for the best throughput.
Power and Energy Power and Energy
Beyond the reliable, trust-able power and energy expert team, our team can provide power and energy management solutions in area of renewable power and energy design and implementation such as solar, wind, waste, biomass, biogas solution including with Smart Meter, Smart Grid, EV, LED. Moreover, our expert team can provide the comprehensive consulting and advisory on PPA, Power and Energy certification related as well.


Revones System Revones System
REVONES, a new innovation of Front-End and Back-End application software to support Fitness, Aesthetic, Spa, Slimming Business.
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence
We provide Business Intelligence, Operation Intelligence analytic and implementation services to allow our customers to see what they never saw on their data.
Big Data Analytic Big Data Analytic
We provide the analytic of both structured and non-structured data with the comprehensive tools and solutions.
ERP Implementation ERP Implementation
We provide the ERP implementation  to integrates all departments and functions across a company  to enhance the company’s business processes with the ERP application.
Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development
We can provide the fantastic mobile application development with cool features for iOS and Android platform.
SaaS on Cloud SaaS on Cloud
We provide the cost effective software application services including POS, ERP on cloud and user can access with various platform such as web, win and mobile based.
Renewable Energy Implementation Renewable Energy Implementation
We provide the design and implementation of renewable power and energy solutions from our expert team with the cost effective solution and high ROI rate.
Cloud4Call Cloud4Call
We provide the cloud call center, ready CRM, hosted IVR,voice recorder, voice blast, voice greeting, automated telemarketing and survey.


We’ll provide our best computer, information technology, telecommunication and power & energy services and solutions in order to achieve our customer’s objective.

Network Equipment
We can provide Cisco, Hitachi, FAT Pipe, Fortinet, i-Mo
Dell, HP, IBM, Nutanix, SuperMicro
Cabling and Accessary
Optical Fiber, UTP, Telephone, Coax.
MS, ObserveIT, Splunk, Attivio, Warevalley,
Mobile Apps
Revones BI, Revones Q-Thong, Revones Team Chat.
S-BOX, Advantech


Production House: 33/4 The 9th Towers Grand Rama 9, Tower B, 17th floor, Unit TNB03, Rama 9 Road , Huay Khwang, Huay Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310
HQ: 27 Phutthamonthonsai 1 Road, Bangduan, Phasicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand 10160
(66) 2 402 5141